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The Basics

About The Show

A random discussion topic presented once every weekday, along with a few minutes of research behind or around that topic. The weekday episodes are all 2-4 minutes maximum length. While not every topic is presented in a completely unbiased manner, we make every effort to present multiple viewpoints.

All daily episode topics are pulled in order from a database of topics that have been asked on the host’s personal social media since 2013.

Occasional “deep dive” episodes explore a topic in much more detail. Episodes generally last 10-15 minutes.

The show is currently entirely free to listen to and advertisement-free.

Release Schedule

Daily download episodes are released Monday – Friday at 5:05 a.m. Pacific Time. 3-4 times per year, the team will take a 2-3 week break.

Deep dive and special episodes are currently released on weekends 2-3 times per year.

Financial Support

The show does have a Patreon at Patrons can receive blog posts with additional research, physical thank-you packages, and more!

We also participate in RadioPublic’s Paid Listens program.


Andrea Parrish, Host
The question-asker, researcher, and online manager.

Jeremiah Puhek, Producer
Audio nerd, editor, and project wrangler.

Contact & Social Media

Facebook: @musetopics
Twitter: @musetopics
Instagram: @musetopics
Message Line: (415) 763-8255

Quantitative & Qualitative


According to PodTrac, the show currently averages between 23,000 and 27,000 90-day downloads across the full catalog.

The unique global monthly audience is around 1,800 individuals as of June 2018.

The largest listening audience is in the United States. Turkey, Venezuela, the UK, Belgium, France, Mexico, and Germany also account for a large number of downloads. Listeners with more than 100 downloads in the last year come from 38 countries.

We currently have an average 5 star rating on iTunes.

Reviews & Comments

“Having a quick question to consider before starting work each morning jump-started my brain and helped me snap into focus. The short length of each episode also meant that I could listen to an episode while starting up my computer and grabbing a cup of terrible office coffee. By the time I’d sat down and taken no more than one sip, my brain was already awake. Thanks to the charming, charismatic Andrea Parrish leading the show, it never felt boring, and it never felt like work. There’s enough scripting and production work to make sure the podcast feels clean and polished, but not distracting or overloaded.” ~ Wil Williams Reviews

“It’s like doing a random Google search. I guarantee that not every episode will seem interesting to you, but you’ll inevitably find something interesting in it. Side note: I love the theme music of this show!” ~ Podcast Maniac

“Each episode is a small thought-provoking overview of a topic, well-written, flawlessly delivered, and generally pleasant to listen to. Thoroughly enjoyable.” ~ ChemicallyWrit on iTunes

“If there ever was a show that doesn’t drag on, it has to be this one. 2 minutes and these episodes say more than many hour long shows.” ~ DuckingtonIII on iTunes

“Hi! I am from Brazil and I am learning English. I have LOVED your podcast!” ~Elaine on Facebook

“Andrea is creating an interesting little podcast full of big ideas. What I like is that most of them are short little digests, a nice tidbit to start the day. Well worth your time to listen.” ~ Mooncity on iTunes

Is the show safe for kids?

Yes! In well over 500 episodes, there have been fewer than 10 words of profanity used, all in context. There are occasionally adult topics covered, so we would suggest parents take this in context. One of our biggest fans is 10 years old. His mom says: “We have started integrating some episodes into our home school curriculum when studying related topics. Damian occasionally says something really thought provoking and when I ask what made them think about it, I get ‘I think one of Andrea’s podcasts made me think about it’.”


In an effort to make the show as accessible as possible, we are making every effort to include transcripts for all of the episodes. We started consistently posting episode scripts at episode 391. We are also back-filling episode transcripts and have completed episodes 1-120. We are working to address the gap between 120-391 and the deep dives as quickly as possible.


Occasionally Andrea will speak publicly about the larger questions project and the podcast. She’s appeared a number of times, including:
On Spokane Talks Online Business Talks, December 10, 2017.
Be The Talk with Nathan Eckel. March 27, 2018.
TEDx Coeur d’AleneLove the Questions Themselves.” September 2017.

In Person Events

We hold in-person “Love the Questions” dinners and events occasionally, and are happy to host one in your city or with your group by request.

In 2018, there will be at least 2 dinners in Spokane, WA. We will also be traveling to New Orleans (May), Nashville (June), Salt Lake City (August), San Francisco (September), and Seattle, WA (December).

Logos & Branding

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